Metelli Group always attentive to technological evolution, introduces a new compound for brake pads dedicated to electric and hybrid applications called HYBRIX® - REPOWER®.

Derived from Hybrix® it was specifically developed adding premium materials including carbon fiber and thermo setting of various resins. This guarantees correct compressibility in any braking condition. All this can be summarized in the following characteristics:

• Extremely quiet braking

• Integration of carbon fiber to reduce the number of metallic components and increase performance, which remains consistent even at high temperatures

• 20-25% reduction of fine dust emissions

• Greater comfort thanks to the introduction of numerous lubricants

• Improved performance in terms of responsiveness and braking readiness

• Respect for the environment, as they contain no copper or other harmful materials, all NSF certified with the three leaves.


Our range for electric and hybrid vehicles includes over 220 part numbers. Depending on the type of application, the HybriX® or Hybrix-Repower® compound is used, always guaranteeing the best solution.

The range of Metelli brake pads covers more than 92% of hybrid engines and 70% of electric vehicles of the European car parc.


Thanks to the innovative compound, Hybrix® and Hybrix®- Repower® brake pads, have achieved the highest level of US certification Better Brake Law, noted by the three-leaves symbol on the label, of the packaging, that guarantees a copper content of no more than 0.5%, already compliant with the American legislation that will come into force in 2025.

This new certification is on our website. Another important certificate obtained for US market is AMECA.


Metelli's engineers focused on obtaining results both in terms of performance but also working to reduce the environmental impact and emissions of fine dust as much as possible according to the guidelines of the European Commission regarding the future Euro 7 legislation which will come into force in 2026.

Being a product with a very low metal content and high content of ceramic materials, it has a disc consumption much lower than the average and consequently a reduction of fine dust in the braking circuit of 20-25%. Even in the production phase, the residual dust emitted during processing is recycled, thus reducing waste.


In electric vehicles, the traditional braking system is used much less as they use a regenerative brake to recover as much energy as possible for the batteries. The traditional brake is used exclusively for emergency braking and anyway in cases where regenerative braking is not sufficient to slow the vehicle down.

These operating conditions do not always guarantee the same braking performance. Therefore, a friction material is required that guarantees excellent performance even in cases where it is not used for several km and in different operating temperatures.

We carry out various bench tests (Ak Master) with braking tests of about 8 hours at 100km / h with temperatures up to 800 ° C to evaluate the performance of our pads in harsh conditions comparing the results with the corresponding OE products.


The electric vehicle is very quiet. In electric vehicles, passengers can hear brake noise much more easily. A very comfortable material is required, free from noise as much as possible. Thanks to numerous bench tests, equipped with very high sensitivity microphones, we have detected a decibel emission close to zero on the new Hybrix®-Repower® pads.