Metelli introduces a new friction technology for brake pads

  • 09 set 2016
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HybriX is a new brand compound for Metelli Group brake pads which has been released onto the market under the brands METELLI, CIFAM, TRUSTING and FRI.TECH. In fact, it marks a turning point in our brake pad history. It started when a group of Fri.Tech. Engineers set out to develop a copper free compound some years ago. But being racing specialist, they wouldn’t stop at copper free. In the end, they came up with a unique formula that offers extreme comfort along with extreme performance. So, a quiet and smooth pedal feeling – but superior stopping power. The name Hybrix comes from hybrid technology that consisting of more than 30 different materials, a clever mix of organic, ceramics, special products and innovative materials. Compared to the traditional mix, hybrid material makes brake pads providing superior features. The range consists of over 1.600 references and cover 95% of European, American and Asiatic car parc. The new brake pads have succeeded in achieving the highest level of US certification (Better Brake Law), guaranteeing copper content of less than 0.5%, three-leaves mark - the highest level of certification, for an excellent quality product. Customers will find all of key information pertaining to the new certification on all our products and on the label, as well as the three-leaves mark which symbolises this. Copper is characterised by high heat dissipation properties, but several studies prove that this material is harmful to the environment. The Metelli R&D department has successfully developed a new range of brake pads with Hybrix technology, which replaces copper with other no toxic materials that do not harm the environment or humans and which, in addition, have provided drivers with a number of benefits. Another important certificate obtained (besides of ECE R90) that guarantee for US market high quality standard is AMECA.