• 24 ott 2016
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Beginning from 1 November 2016, the date that the UNE ECE R90 regulation goes into effect, all Brake Discs available in the Metelli, Cifam, Trusting and Fri.Tech. catalogues will be in compliance with the requirements of this standard. This means that the entire brake disc range, 1,300 items in the catalogue, has passed the specific tests concerning duration and resistance, thereby providing a further guarantee for the motorist who purchases a product that belongs to the Metelli Group. The acquired approval certifies the compliance of our products in terms of performance and quality with the original sample used as a comparison during the bench tests. The respective approval code will be indicated on each individual disc related to the certificate issued by the certifying body. This approval code will also be indicated on the package label. The continued commitment in research activities concerning materials and innovation in the production processes, supported by strict internal tests, has once again allowed the Metelli Group to approach the market in full compliance with current regulations.