• 08 giu 2017
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Metelli Group has recently expanded its 2013 transmission-parts catalogue, which includes joints, driveshafts and boot kits, thus broadening its current set of offer. About 800 new articles have been included in the catalogue. As a result, the total number of articles has grown to an overall offer of 2,450 individual pieces. This spectrum of products applies to 320 models, and covers nearly the entire European car park, including the models that have most recently come to market. The updated version of the 2017 catalogue is already available for METELLI and CIFAM brands. The catalogue is available for download as a PDF on the website, in the SUPPORT / CATALOGUES section. To ensure that a particular model or the newest version is available, we always recommend that you first check the availability on the website. You'll have the ability there to search by model, article number or OE number.