5 YEAR GUARANTEE Timing belt kit with water pump

  • 26 giu 2017
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Instead of listing every single qualitative aspect of its timing belt kits with water pump of the brands METELLI, GRAF and KWP Metelli group has decided to guarantee each component for a period of 5 years. The decision is based on the fact that having produced spare parts for over 50 years and availing itself of an excellent quality and control system, the lifespan and reliability of these parts over time is fully guaranteed. New packs include a leaflet with complete instructions on how to activate the guarantee, plus a sticker to fill in and apply to your car's maintenance booklet. To activate the 5-year guarantee, the mechanic who installs the timing belt kit will need to register their personal details along with the details of their client's car on the website, made in 9 languages, accepting the general conditions of the guarantee. The guarantee is valid as of this moment and a certificate is issued to attest its validity. The packaging has also been altered, with a clear separation between the water pump and the timing belt kit. Over the coming months this new format will gradually replace the current packaging. The current timing belt kit with water pump range includes over 130 references that will soon increase to around 150, covering almost the entire European car parc. Choosing a METELLI, GRAF or KWP timing belt kit with water pump is a quality choice that is super guaranteed by Metelli Group.