• 10 set 2018
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It isn’t only high-quality products that come from Metelli Group factories, but also services designed to facilitate the work of its clients. One example is the new tool made available to all clients (complete version) and others (basic version) by the name of My Metelli. Accessing a reserved area from the website using login and password will give users the ability to benefit from the following services:

STOCK AVAILABILITY - Check the stock availability of the products in the warehouse, visible through a traffic light at the side of the desired code. Should a code not be available, a link can be used to contact Customer Service, who can provide the client with all the information.

RESEARCH ITEM BY LICENCE N° - The insert of registration plate number (currently active for Italy and France) permits the exact identification of the model and verification of its presence in our range of products. This is an extremely useful tool for spare parts dealers.

ON DEMAND CATALOGUE - A major development is the creation of the On-Demand Catalogue (operational shortly), which will allow each client to personalise the content as they wish by selecting:

- Product line

- Brand

- Family

- Vehicle manufacturer

- Manufacturer country

- Vehicle type

- Item code

Once they’ve made these selections, the user will see a preview of the catalogue and decide whether to generate a low- or high-resolution PDF ready for printing. This means they will always have an up-to-date printout of the articles of interest to them made available up to the day prior to printing. It’s a genuine revolution. There will no longer be obsolete catalogues on the shelves of spare parts dealers or PDF files dating to months back and now out of date.

METELLI COLLECTION - Metelli Collection is a line of custom Metelli Group clothing and merchandising to support our clients in promotional activities or for internal use. Designed together with professionals in the sector, with some items designed exclusively for Metelli.

Please don’t hesitate to contact for any clarification.