• 05 nov 2019
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Metelli Group has recently introduced a new reference of electric water pumps which can be installed on BMW 6 cylinders with 2.5 and 3.0 liter N52 - N53 petrol engines.

The references are already available. You can find all information on our website entering the following codes:
METELLI 24-1369 / GRAF PA1369 / KWP 101369

These references are adaptable to the following OE codes 11517586925 / 11517563183 / 11517546994 / 11517586924.

These engines are very common in Europe, United States and Asia and cover an extremely wide car fleet that consists of 800,000 vehicles for 19 models:
1 I (E81, E87, E88, E82), 3 V (E90, E93, E92, E91), 5 V (E60, E61), 6 II (E63, E64), 7 IV (E65, E66, E67), X1 I (E84), X3 I (E83), Z4 I Coupe (E85, E86), Z4 II Roadster (E89).

The water pump has been subjected to laboratory tests that guarantee technical and qualitative performances with equal or greater results than the OE.

These performances can be achieved thanks to singularly tested high quality components that ensure high reliability, a feature of all Metelli Group products.