Metelli brake cylinders are produced with the same original equipment technologies. In fact Metelli supplies the main manufacturers of braking systems. All Metelli brake cylinders components undergo checks during the production phase to ensure the compliance with the strictest standards. Low pressure pneumatic tightness tests are carry out on 100% of assembled products by using high-precision certified instruments, which ensure the product reliability.


The range of Metelli brake cylinders with more than 850 codes in the catalogue covers more than 80% of European vehicles in circulation with rear drum braking system and it is constantly increased with the new vehicle introduced on the market. The range also includes cylinders with pressure relief valve (CRCI) which are mainly used on French vehicles.

In case of failure of this valve (CRCI) braking on the rear axle becomes unstable. To prevent this, Metelli performs 100% tests on the valves with pneumatic tightness tests with low pressure carried out on automated assembly machines.


The materials selected and used for the housing comply with the OEM standard, which is moving towards the use of aluminium for the reduction of weight and, as a consequence, of consumption.
To date, the range is divided as follows:
· Cast iron  
· Aluminium or anodised extruded bar aluminium 

These materials guarantee resistance to corrosion both from external agents and from brake fluid. The surfaces protection does not contain Cr-6, therefore they are compliant with the European Directive regarding the standards for vehicles scrapping. 
Metelli is certified according to ISO 14000 environmental standard.


The inner components materials, such as the pistons comply with the OEM standard and are in anodised aluminium or stainless steel.
Metelli decided to use anodised aluminium pistons ensuring thus greater resistance to corrosion as well as wear and tear caused by sliding.


The rubber seals of Metelli brake cylinders comply with the original equipment specifications, therefore they guarantee:

· High resistance to wear and tear 

· High resistance to brake liquid

· High resistance to traction and breaking

· Low deformation due to compression 

Our products are compatible with brake liquids (DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1, SAE J1703)


To guarantee the products safety, type approval tests are carried out in a dedicated test room. These tests are performed according to strict internal procedures, including:
·  Endurance and hydraulic pressure test (300,000 cycles performed at different temperatures:  -20°/ ambient t./+80°)
·  Pneumatic tightness test with low pressure 
·  Hydraulic tightness test with high pressure (200bar)
·  Bursting test (353 bar)