The pressure regulating valve works for adjusting the hydraulic pressure delivered to the brake wheel cylinders or brake calipers in keeping with the pressure exerted on the brake pedal and the vehicle load. The range of pressure regulating valve covers almost all the vehicles that require this component.

The high production technology and the mounting of these components ensures the high quality of our product, complying with all the OE specifications.


The pressure regulating valve body is made of cast iron or aluminium subjected to suitable protective treatment.

Thanks to their compact shape, the aluminium bodies offer reduced overall dimensions and weight (-50% compared with cast iron versions).

The dimensional features of the supply bleed and sleeve channel holes and groove boot seat comply with the original standards. 


Made of steel or aluminium with protective anti-rust treatment to guarantee the best possible condition and quality for the end user.

· Steel: burnishing, galvanisation and carbonitriding surface treatment

· Aluminium: hard anodising